Image Crop Extension error

Showing error in Image crop extension created by DeepHost. I have checked all the stuff but it is showing the same error all the time, Please help me out in this error point.


Use his own file picker
Extension to make it work !!

I have used his own file picker only. Plz can me tell or show me how to declared this activity in androidemanifest.xml.? file. Please guide me

You got it working?
I trying this extension but dont work with android 9, if someone have the final version (1.4) of them, ill apreciate.

there are also other extensions, which are able to crop an image…
Image Extension, see the Crop and Scale methods there
[Free] Image Editor Extension - No internet connection required! :) - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community, download here NMD - Source - Browse Files at
Image Cropping Extension by Ben (10 USD)
Image Interceptor Viewer (Cropper) Extension by Zhangzqs
Image Cropping Extension by Ahmad Mtrd

see also the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

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i saw all of them, i migrated from thunkable because all of i wanted doesnt existed in epoch, i haved to use extension in all, kodular for me its amazing IDE, i saw all of this extensions but i dont want to use 2, 3 extensions to made an procedure, in this extension have crop and rotate and after i use resize of your extension, thanks for collect this extensions for show me.