Need solutions for cropping image

I have searched the community to but didn’t get what I am looking for

I need a image cropping solutions with user deside how much to crop like DeepHost image cropping extension as its stopped working looking for any other solutions.

Take a look at Taifun’s Image Extension which offers a crop method.

There’s also the built-in Image Editor component which has a Scale Center Crop method.

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Yes @Conor thanks for your information I already tried it both but as per users view not every images are same so center crop is not applicable and in taifun’s extension I have to indicate height width which also user can’t able to and not comfortable to provide

But any how I appreciate your concern and gold you tried to help
@ammar5287 send me an extension I am going to try that else I got an solutions at cloudinary they have inbuilt cropping systems at the time of uploading image which I have to activate from settings

By the way thanks everyone for your help.