I need an extension to crop images


I’m having a little problem with my application because I didn’t find any user friendly solution to crop an image that works…

Could anyone develop an extension to solve my problem? I’d pass my email and we negotiate the price.
This extension have to work offline and online besides have to be user friendly like the image attached below whose the user can select the area of cutting.


Since now, I’d like to thanks for the attention!

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See this: Custom ratio image crop view - #2 by Vaibhav

I’ve saw yet and unfortunately any of those solutions doesn’t works for me and for a lot of other users, this is why I’m asking for a custom extension… I’ve tried everything before. :cry:

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Count me in! I’ll help sponsoring if anyone can make it as you describe :ok_hand: I also want this :blush:

Based on this code Android 11 too crop possible it seems

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I’m still testing all solutions but so far looks like that any of those does not work properly… Anyway tnx for the link!