Deephost custom listview bug

With deephost custom listview sometime doesn’t load,title,image, subtitles randomly.some time load successfully.any way to solve this problem

Only @Deep_Host can answer this question, better to contact with him, via Email.

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From what I could see, the images were slowly loading

I am using airtable

Probably the internet is slow as they eventually started to pop up at the end of your video


You can Cheakout this app.cheak this app many time (download link)

Looks like it doesn’t get all the information before it shows as I got empty list a few times and so on

Are your blocks in the right order


caching issue from extension

If you use airtable you have to be careful that all the cells of your columns are filled with some data. If a cell doesn’t have data, you don’t get the data for the whole column.


You link is not open .
Analyse your photo size and compass without loosing resolution.

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not only image,title & subtitle also randomly

I didn’t change anythin. So why it can’t get all data.

I can only give you my theory. We are using these contentproviders like airtable and cloudinary in ways they weren’t originally designed for. So letting them all work together as you precisely want will be hard to control. We want them to respond faster and we want to get more and more data from them. If you want to have all the control you want, you have to use your own server. Then you will have everything in one place at your control.


Thanks for your reply

I think now it’s ok.cheakout this app now.

Your link is not working…I always use deep host custom listview extension but until now I can’t get any bugs in that extension it’s properly working for, please check your blocks and database.

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I think it is not bcoz of deep host extension. I am also facing this issue sometimes.
Sometimes images just didn’t load at all in image component. I am loading only 8 small images and still this happen. I don’t know why but lately facing this more now.

can you show your blocks, Maybe I can help you.