(Deephost Mysql extension) List uploading, How to separate comma and make it a list and save them as columns

plHi Everyone!

I am Making an Application for Exchanges of different Platforms.

I am facing an issue while uploading list to mysql database

this is what I get but I don’t want it like that.

these are the block which I am using with a mysql extension

I want that when I click Click (Create columns) it Saves all those number Which I want in a List and there status to null but it only save one value and when I Click (Create columns) again it save the same value again like I have shown in the pictures.


it is giving out this error

please Help me Out

You Cant Store List In MYSQL You Need To Store Data With Coma And When You Need To Get It Convert CVS To List

Or If You Want To Store All Data That’s Contain Coma With List For Example The Data Is


And You Want To Store Like This

IDS             Status
1                Null
2                Null
3                Null
4                Null
5                Null

So You Need To Use This Blocks blocks And You Have To Store One By One

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