Default margins for components

Evening all,

I’ve been trying to establish what the default margin size is for a horizontal container pulled into a card view via the ‘add component to card view’ block.

I have spent well over an hours trying to find confirmation, but I can’t find the data anywhere, so hoped someone might know.

I need to remove margins from 3 sides, but I want the top margin to be whatever the default is, so it matches all the other default margins for the cards above it on screen.

Using the set margin block, I can set three margins to 0 and the top one to 15, and it looks about right, but when I effect responsive features on my app, that custom margin resizes to a different size to all the other default margins on the screen, so it’s clearly not a correct figure.

Is it possible that the default margin is a % or some sort of responsive figure, not a fixed value?

Many thanks indeed!

Thank you to the legions of people who helped with my question. I’ve rarely experienced a community like it. Fabulous response, top drawer! Thanks :slight_smile: