Delayed Notifications

Beginning today I’ve started to get notifications later than when I was supposed to get them on the Community. For example, I just got a notification about Peter replying to the “Discussion about Rules Enforcement” when he replied to that topic 17 hours ago.

We can hope that they will fix it

There can be two reasons for this:
1.A lot of things have been changed in today’s maintenance
2.Famous notification bug



Also I am not able to open notifications by clicking on profile picture sometimes.

I also have same issue with notification, think so the maintenance have something to do.

@vknow360 you only have 2 search buttons I have 3


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Every time you clicked on a topic more search button will be duplicated. Anyway, I have this notification problem too

But this is for the first time, I’m facing this

Same problem here

I don’t have these problem (today) but yesterday I received notification of a post that I had already seen

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Yep, same here. Not having any issue of that search button.


Edit : still receiving the old notification :sweat_smile:

No issue for search button…
Minutes before I search for cryptography guide and I had no problem…
Reload your browser, let’s see what happens !!!

i everyday receive from 3 posts by Boban that too multiple times

Ok to check, has anyone liked the post they’re receiving the notifications about?

YES few i have liked and few not.

Well we have to narrow down the reasons, it can’t just be random… There has to be a reason.

Yep, you are right @hammerhai

Edit :but not everytime, 7/10 times it’s that reason.

See it’s of today ( pointing about Boban ones ) -

But i don’t have liked it.

@Boban there have been many complaints about notifications with you in the past :smirk_cat:

Same here got notification from boban and Peter and others too. But that is discourses issue and not there.

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