DelayHandler - Extension - May be similar, but definitely different!

Awesome Work waiting for this since Long!!!

Try This Please

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Thank you very much for your appreciation.

I will add this feature. But, now I am fighting with COVID-19. Soon I recover, I will resume Koding.


May God Bless You.
And You Recover Soon.


Thank you very much.

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Nice Extension !! Great :thumbsup:

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May I know how this extension helps in Parallel Processing ? Can 2-3 procedures be done simultaneously ? Like if I have too many blocks in Screen.Initilaize event, Can I use this extension to split the blocks into 3 sets ? and will those three sets be processed at the same time ? Thus by reducing the Screen Initialization time ?

Yes you can do that…

But I don’t understand how. If it has a delay how do we make it work parallelly ?

So you set the delay to 0? Idk, I’d use a clock since it’s similar, but hey upto you.

I did try it with clocks (that too 3 of them). But it didn’t work (I mean the procedures were not executed simultaneously). That’s why I’m curious if this extension can do any magic :sweat_smile:

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Can you add one more block to stop all the registered delays?