Delete all images in a Dynamic Image with a botton

Hi everyone, how can I delete all the images of the dynamic images component with just one button, they advised me to store them with a variable (I imagine) and/or create a storage with a TinyDB but I don’t know how to proceed!
Thanks in advance, bye


A little basic logic wouldn’t hurt you at all.
Simply store the ID in the IMAGES list.


Fantastic! thank you, as you say “basic logic” but I’m just starting and I will treasure these teachings, thank you so much again :slight_smile:

I marked the @Gaston’s reply as solution by looking to your reply, if you believe the solution didn’t help, feel free to indicate.

but certainly not, it was a great help, I thank you both for the interest you gave me, thanks again guys and again “LONG LIVE PROGRAMMING” :slight_smile:

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