Delete and move varios blocks events simutaniously


I want two things in kodular that would be very nice to improve the plataform.

Delete and move varios block events simutaniously; I mean I know I can do these with blocks inside a big block like this:


But I can not do the same thing with varios big blocks or events. For example I can not select and and delete. I have to do one by one. The same case are for moving through the block panel.

I dont know if this is possible for a future update of kodular, thanks for your attention.

Alternative method that work for me:
Drag the first block (which all blocks below will be dragged) to a purple procedure block. Then just delete the whole procedure block.

But you’re right, it can be improved.


Yeah thank you I am doing the same thing now but in some cases is annoying, specially when I just want to order on my own the panel block and I have to move a lot of blocks.

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