Delete Block Bug

when ever (some times) i delete some blocks then builder show report bug. why? its show some time when you try to remove more than 4 blocks

Are you sure it’s a bug? The builder only shows a confirmation dialog for deleting more than 3 blocks at once.

I’ve started noticing lately, when it asks, do you wanna delete # of blocks. Well it shows 3 blocks instead when there are more then 3.

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yes i am 99% its bug

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If you think it is a bug make a small project in which it happens for you and post it here.


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Done. Changed category.

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here is proof


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What does it say when you press the ok button?

open another page when i press ok (3 Time)
If I press Cancel 3 time then its close

There is a message in the opened page. What does it say?

i never read that i close that page and focus on my project

Then why ask for help? How should we know what message you get?

when i click on ok then its open another page and the page was opened its shwoing this:-

Ok. This way the developers can see what is happening. Now you just have to be patient.

Were you dropping 3 blocks in or does it always say that? It always says that for me even if I drop more than 3 blocks.

always say that when i delete more than 3 block

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So it’s a bug then.

Starting recently, users of Makeroid started noticing a bug ever since new Makeroid came out. When you’re deleting more than 3 blocks, a Dialog shows confirming if you’d like to delete them, you select Yes/No. However if you’ve noticed it shows incorrect amount of blocks. Instead shows 3 blocks that are being deleted and this could cause havoc between the user and project as what if he/she is deleting a block they are not supposed to but, it only tells them there are 3 blocks when there are far more then 3. Although there is a handy Undo button in a menu, doesnt help as it could cause the same issue again, eventually the user will have no hair from ripping it out too much :rofl:

dont open another topic about the same subject.