Delete file in ASD (Android 11)

I’m trying to delete a .zip file in ASD in android 11.
My app downloads a .zip file then it extract the file and in after unzip block i put the delete file, but is not working.

In ASD i’ve created a sub folder download. The download and unzip is working well.

My blocks below:

what is the filename of the zip file you are trying to delete?

The filename is selected in the list, lets say i’ve downloaded the third item “Angel” the file name will be

The download process follow the same list, when i click in a item list to download it store the list index in the Global Index Variable

The File component needs a relative path. I have pointed this out countless times.
Search the forum beforehand.

I’ve searched, but my mistake, i only look for delete file.

I have solved using Tainful File extension.

  1. His name is Taifun and this extension is named TaifunFile.
  2. The TaifunFile extension also uses an absolute path or a full path.
  3. The File component only uses the relative path.
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Yes i use some others extensions of him. i’ve tryed use relative path in file but not worked too.

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