Delete in Chat View?

How do I delete all messages at once?

You can use for loop for this.

Can you explain to me?

I managed like this (but it’s not good)

Are you sure you want help for deleting messages?
Because the blocks you showed is one of the method of switching the screens(but they are also wrongly arranged) and are not related to what your question is.

Or you just showed them, so that no one ask you to show the blocks?

Have you actually tried even?


what is this for a blcck if true. what is true ?

Show your blocks to us. That what you posted before is bullshit (sorry) .When if true , what is true and to change a screen do not delete your msgs.

I want the user to be able to delete the messages (do not delete the component)

show us your blocks what we told each time than we can help you maybe.

I want to be able to start the chat again

I’m sorry I translate with google translation:זיעה:

yes than show us your block at first you want to delet and now you are talked from start new. Show us your blocks and a descipion what you want to do so we can maybe help you. This is the last time where i wrote you.

I added a new block to delete all chat messages.
Just wait for the next update.


Thank you!

When will it be available?

I mean this: (I didn’t test)

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I tested, does not work :-/


Something for you to learn Tribblehunter’s Multiple Screen Method


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thanks man i know how to change the screen correctly, but in an other method. This is why i asked at first. He wanted to delete all msg but than he show blocks for change the screen. This confuesed me a bit. But thanks for your work to put in the link for that.

If you want to delete all msg in the chat, than delete all tags in firebase but it will delete the chat for all people what are using the chat. I work on that with swipe, but i it do not work now. If i have it will send it to you. I hope i bring it to work.