Delete item from colintreelistview error, with notification

In a colintreelistview, when clicking on an item to delete, I would like to include a notification beforehand, to ensure that the item is not deleted by mistake. But it happens that in the blocks above, the notification appears, but when I click YES, it does not delete anything, and no error message appears.

Please help me adjust the block above to work correctly. :grin:

move your if block into the Notifier.AfterChoosing event

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A “leituralivre” variable receives values ​​when?

Yes, I have done this test also before, but nothing happens, and no error appears.

LeituraLivre or Escolha ?

This variable receives values ​​on a previous screen.

The data is stored in the “Leitura_Livre” variable.

But the variable must be associated with the Notifier. The Notifier gave you feedback on the variable “choice”. LeituraLivre is deciding whether or not the user wants to delete ???

Could you help me adjust these blocks? I’m kind of confused on how to do this.

Friend, if the variable already comes with the value “Yes” from another screen, then what is the notification for? So even if the user clicks NO, the deletion process will continue.

in the Depois Escolher block, try to know what is the “get value” value of the “escolha” variable. See what values ​​it receives when you click Yes and No.

In this way the blocks work perfectly. I click the delete icon and the item is deleted from the list.

But I want to include this notification before deleting the item.


Buddy, you need to study some Algorithm. Notifier gives you feedback. Notifier has an “Depois Escolher” event. Depois Escolher what? What would be Depois Escolher? And why in this block “Depois Escolher,” do you have a variable escolha ? Try to know what this “variable” receives in value. Call the Notifier, click Yes. See the value of “escolha”. Then Click No in the Notifier. This will be your study … your research


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Or do what is in the image above … it is much much much much easier …



But … I will continue doing other tests here and researching more about it.
But in the meantime, I accept help or didactic suggestions.

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does choice make sense as list index? Not really…

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