Delete my kodular account

I want that community should ban me or delete my kodular account as there is no way to delete it.

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But why would you want that?


I think there is an option to delete Kodular Account in Profile Settings (
But you should not do that unless you are sure that you want to lose your all projects forever.
Curious to know why you want to do that.

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Here you can delete account, it slides down until the end

Delete account
Your Kodular Account once deleted cannot be recovered. Proceed with caution!
You are sure 100% of what you want to do ??

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I am unable to delete there (
I think any staff member can delete my account.
@Peter has power to ban me.

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But why why

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Tab my profile and slides down until the end !!!
Delete account
Your Kodular Account once deleted cannot be recovered. Proceed with caution!

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After clicking it I am redirected to kodular docs.

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You need to send email to [email protected]

Delete my Kodular Account

At this moment it is not possible to proceed with an automatic account deletion. In order to delete your Kodular Account, you have to send us an email to [email protected] asking to remove your Kodular Account.

We are so sad to see you go, please come back!

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I have mailed but my account is not deleted

Read the answer " We typically respond within 48 hours" !!!


But why @Sherpuraala
Are you planning to change account?
or leaving completely?
Please say the reason for leaving…
Who will leave such an interesting platform?


I am just leaving it still kodular has not deleted my account and there is no response from the staff members .
I don’t know why they are not deleting my account I have also mailed.
Please delete my Kodular account

We are curious to know why you are leaving
You joined community before me
Almost 2 years
Not interested any more?

Kodular is best I am leaving because of some other reasons.
Happy journey with all the nice people in the community around the world. Kodular helps me to meet the foreign people which are so much kind and nice. I have learned many things being in this community.

Sad to see you go
I think all your posts will be gone on community
why not just leave it
Delete all projects in Kodular Creator

I want to ask kodular staff,
Why there is no direct way to delete the account ?

Is this the reason :arrow_up:

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I think @Diego could help me to delete my account

Diego can help you, however when I requested my account to be deleted, I ended up being banned because I also discontinued support for an extension by announcing it and it happened to be taken as disrespect to community users when I feel no one is ever satisfied with my extensions or apps.

They will take their time answering you until you eventually forget about it because if you have posts older than 60 days old, Discourse does not allow them to delete your account, but anonymize it like they did to me. They can change this threshold, but they don’t want to. I asked for all my posts & topics to be deleted because I wanted to start a clean slate and that never happened because deleting your posts & topics will (morphe?) the conversation between others.

Legally if you do not live in the EU or California, they do not have to delete your account or remove your data.


“the deletion of a user account tried to the data could corrupt the database.”
It makes no sense. Corrupt database by deleting any records? It makes no Sense…