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Hi, guys! Do you know a way to delete a user account from the auth database?

I’ve been researching about and I didn’t find anything related that would help me (discussions, videos…). I saw that there was even a kodular extension with the “delete user account” block, but I can’t find a link that works.

Regardless, I found this in the authentication documentation:

Despite that, I have no idea how to implement this to my code. Do you know how? Can you help me? Do you know of a way to exclude a user account from authentication?

nothing yet. all i thought is

but it does not work. i’ll keep trying.

Remove this url and pass only

And here remove idToken and only pass key

Then check if it’s work

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hey, i tried these ways based on what you said, all with the same url given

none of 'em worked. that was what your tried to say?

thanks for the patience! :slight_smile:

I will post blocks image in some time then you can check.

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thank you so much! i’m glad :slight_smile:

Try this code and pass this url in WEB:


I’m so sorry, but it still does not work :frowning:
the response code that is showing is 400 and 403, and the number that means the account was deleted is 200. I tried some changes, but nothing worked

Post response content here

OMG, IT WORKED. All I did was put a “get current user” block after set the project bucket, url and token properties of my database. it was enough to give me the response code 200.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, you don’t have idea how helped me. It’s the first time that I see this solution here. I have no idea how you got there! (also, is the second time i ofc use the “web” componente in kodular)

again, thank you for your help and patience. you’re nice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome :grinning::hugs:

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