Deleted app under review - support Kodular

Good afternoon I do not understand how to get through to Kodular developers or administrators. And the problem is that I submitted the app for monetization approval a few months ago. a lot of time has passed and the app is still not monetized. I deleted that app and created a completely different one now when I want to apply for monetization it says I already have an app under consideration. Admins what are you there 6 months already can not consider the application? Tried to write to “[email protected]” but this email is not active.

What type of app did you made

See here

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It’s just that I’ve been waiting over a month for the application to be approved. What do I do now, I can’t write to support?

I notified the devs to look at your problem

Apologies for the inconvenience in getting your reviewed. I have approved your app.



Thank you for your help, I hope they will solve this problem. And tell them that the mail needs to be repaired so they can write to them.

Thank you, I will send you another application for approval soon

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