My App review Status did not change since around 7 Weeks

Good afternoon I do not understand how to get through to Kodular developers or administrators. And the problem is that I submitted the app for monetization approval a few months ago. a lot of time has passed and the app is still not monetized. I deleted that app and created a completely different one now when I want to apply for monetization it says I already have an app under consideration. Admins what are you there 6 months already can not consider the application? Tried to write to “[email protected]” but this email is not active.

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This is a serious issue @Kodular :neutral_face:

Please search the forum as this issue has been discussed before.

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Same issue with me too, i also decided to create new topic but no he has been posted so please review the app status

It was discussed but there was no solution, it remains the same, the subject stopped, and I have already reviewed all the discussions posted here. My app is also stopped waiting for the evaluation response. Since you were discussed, send me the post of the solution, I would be very grateful.

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The solution is to keep waiting. It might take days, weeks, or even months before Kodular issues a fix. Until then we are at their mercy.

The whole situation is very frustrating but until Kodular staff say something about the issue there is no point going on about it.

Now I have a coherent answer.

But I have a consideration to make.
If MAKEROID lives on commissions, how do you explain the user wanting to monetize and the platform taking time to formalize this process? I just don’t understand it. I use the platform with the intention of making money and I believe that the platform also wants to make money, or is it not the way to do it?


Makeroid = old name of kodular

It’s a very old name which changed years ago.

People demand Kodular do things for them but they cannot even give Kodular a little respect by getting the name right.

This is the name that appears in the browser “MAKEROID”, I suggest changing it so as not to generate “disrespect”. But what about my question?

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Same here, play store aproved my app with 4 days
on kodular its on review two weeks

my app have 30K users active and i losing money because i cant monetize the app

What a situation, now it doesn’t show how many days it’s under review, they preferred to change the message to “You already have an app under review”, it seems to me that they don’t want to fix the problem for us to make money. This is not done with partners.

If you are going to publish on Google Play, it is not necessary to request approval for kodular

Read it again, we are talking about authorization for monetization and not for publication.