Monetization request

What is the time specified for approval of Monetization from the application? :thinking: :upside_down_face:
my app takes about 9 days and it still hasn’t got the approval

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my application is pending 17 days

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You Should wait Atleast 2 weeks after you have applied for Monitization.

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Thank you for your interest
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Atleast :grimacing:

I wait since 6 month for approval. I always get the message for all apps. “STATUS: You already have an app under review”. I think maybe it is a Bug. Hope someone can help me. Many thanks.

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You mean help us :smiley:

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Yes of course us ^^ :man_technologist: :man_technologist:

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Is there any solution now? I have now also deleted and uploaded all projects again and there it says as for half a year “You already have an app under review”.

Good morning. I also have an application for review for several days.

So, in order to see if everything is going in, I tried to directly write to billing support address.

I got this return :


Kodular guys, can you fix it please ?

Thank you very much,