No monetization approval still 30days

Hello kodular team today is the 30th day that i submitted for monetization. But still it is not reviewed but in your documents you mentioned that it would take 2 to 10 day to review your app. But i can’t understand why you’re not replying to the email and my old community post and in social media tooo. Please reply something and approve my app for monetization .


All Kodular users are waiting for any approvals.

The Kodular staff is pretty silent the last moth’s.

We have to wait and see.

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Same here.

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But how many days

About 15 days @Hari_krishna

Still waiting 101 Days

But it is already 25 days

You have to wait much longer i think.
Nobody knows how long.

Same problem with me 32days…requested for approval

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My app has been registered at Google Play Store.
I think I don’t need to take approval due to be registered.

But when my app runs, the popup show on approval.

Kodular makes me unsatisfied. T.T

If someone download your app from Play Store then Ads will work otherwise you will see pop up.

Thank you

You mean there is no need to take approval from Kodular Team, if the app has been already registered to Google Play Store. Right?

No, Approval is required if someone download it from elsewhere.

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