Kodular app not approval

It has been Over 2 weeks and 1 day since i applied for an App Ads approval from Kodular and i still haven’t got a response

Pls any solution?
My app id : 6652727683710976

If you desceibe your app properly then your app will be approve in 5-10 days

Note: Do not create earning app.
If you are going to publish your app on playstore then you do not need for approval

My app on Google Play Store and not my app earning app but why it is approved or rejected why kodular team taken more time?

If your app is already published on playstore then you don’t need approval, ads will be automatically shown in your app when someone install your app from playstore. Kodular approval is required only if app is not published on playstore.

my app on play store but i have open my app there required app approval

Uninstall your app then install it from playstore then ads will be shown.

What if I want to publish on other stores? Like Amazon do I need approval?

Yes then you need approval.

My app published only Google Play Store but it is kodular monetization in showing approval awaiting and ads not showing

Just do it

do i have to approve my app if it is published on samsung galaxy store

Yes you will need approval. Most questions like yours have already been answered so in future please search the forum instead of spamming.

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