How much Time it takes to get ads approval?

Hi there,

Can some one tell me how much time it takes to get ads approval? as it has been 1 day

Please help me


its not just you many are waiting for even 2 to 4 months its a issue so waiting is the best option


I am also waiting since one day.

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This question is asked many times in community . ‘monetization approval’ - Kodular Community

As mentioned in the guidelines it takes 2-10 days but it’s not true you have to wait depend on your application niche also. There is no fixed time to get approval.

If you don’t want to wait for kodular approval than publish your app on Playstore so you don’t have to wait for kodular approval it will be automatically approve.

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Well truth but not true. When published to Google Play, the app shows ads for users who install from Google play. But users installing from other sources won’t see any ad, instead they will receive the pop up “This app is not approved for ad…”

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Well for this you can use this extension UPDATE 4.1: HackProtect Extension (No Permissions Needed) - Better Emulator Detection

Put isPlayStoreInstalled block in if then condition if it’s true it means the app installed from playstore then show ads else don’t load ads and don’t show ads.