HI kodular team can you please approve my app as soon as possible please

Kodular Team please approve my app monetization as soon as possible please it’s urgent

my app id is -: #6240056035508224

please & Thanks

Dear @apoorv
Wait for approval atleast 4-6 days. In the mean time you complete your app fully.
If your app on playstore then you don’t need approval.


Some people have been waiting months for a response to their requests. You can search the forum for evidence as there are lots of topics about it.

Kodular staff have to deal with those apps first and there is no word as to what is going on, or how quickly they will act.

So you might have to wait weeks or months before Kodular staff look at your app.

(Also, it’s not the moderators who approve apps.)

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ok but can you tell me who approves the app?

I already told you above. Please read replies carefully instead of spamming. Kodular staff members approve or reject apps.

You will not get priority as your app will be in a queue and all the requests that have been made before yours need to be dealt with. I once read that someone has been waiting since February 2021.