After 1 month my app isn't approved

Hi @moderator , I submitted my application for approval but still after one month I don’t receive any response from kodular about my app. I waited long time for approval :disappointed:. Please help me please​:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

:sparkles: Patience :sparkles:

The Kodular team does what it can

Imagine that you have a service similar to Kodular with 2.3M + App Projects, and suppose that 80% request ad approval

That would be roughly 1.84M apps, maybe not every day, but it would still be an excessive amount.

Now imagine rigorously reading each of the requests sent per day

Tiring right?

Dear, I am waiting for long time for approval but its not approved. After few months ago its approve our app withing 3-4 days.

Have you considered that:

  1. Kodular is a service that receives more users every day

  2. The staff is made up of human beings, who have a life, study, have their own problems…

They do the best they can to offer a quality service despite all the factors

If that’s the case they should hire more people. This is their interest as well. Soon they aprove it sooner they will make money