Why Kodular Takes Too Long For Approval?

I requested for my ads approval fromno months ago and still waiting , how much time it will take

“Why Kodular takes too long to approve monetization requests” - it’s because the limited manpower they have. They have a lots of work to do to keep Kodular running. Sorting out tasks depending on importance will always be good to go when you’ve several tasks to perform, no?

I think they should hire more people as it takes a lot of time to resolve issues and review an app

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Will you pay the wages of anyone they hire?

no, sorry if you didn’t like my suggestion. No offence

I’m not offended, but why are you not willing to pay the wages? It’s your suggestion after all.

Until It not approved i can’t publish it to play store or any App story

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People who make apps on kodular can volunteer for app review. People who are good at it. That way we all can help each other. I think a feature like this would be prominent.

This has been discussed before and Kodular staff said this will not happen for some very good reasons. In future please search the forum instead of spamming it.