I need help app review never ends

hello I would like to ask a question and why I sent an app to the admob pro kodular ad review and until today it is under review.

It takes some time.
Read this:

Yaa Mine too
Its Almost 2 Weeks :sweat_smile:

I think that if the applications are approved by the admob, kodular would have to approve it automatically, it would help to speed up this wait that we spend a lot of time waiting for and sometimes we don’t have a response from kodular this devalues ​​the users of the kodular platform, causing a search for another valuable platform more your users

No, this should not happen.

Just because Google / Admob are ok with the app, it doesn’t mean it meets Kodular’s criteria.

so kodular would have to have a faster way to review the apps because there are a lot of people complaining about the delay in receiving an ad approval in the apps this is already a negative point to use kodular