No Answer at my request for ads

Hello! I have a problem with my account. I have request an approval for ads and my app is
“Submitted for review 9 months, 3 weeks ago” and not answer at this. Can someone help me, please!!!

I’ve only been waiting 1 month and seeing you like this, I’m not sure if Kodular will accept my app either. Wish Kodular could work faster…

And I wish app developers would make better apps so 99% wouldnt have to be rejected for monetizing. Thats why you have to wait so long.

So Kodular can send us a disapproval notice. We will develop the app even better to meet their standards, instead of waiting in panic not knowing why. In addition, while one application is under review, we cannot submit another application and so there is no chance to prove our efforts.

Most apps are earning apps and those will never be approved no matter how many changes you make.

9 months? Wow! That is really a long time.
This makes me think if Kodular is accepting new requests for monetization.
Now that I think about it, I don’t remember anyone saying that was accepted (but may be it is because when they are accepted hey just stop complaining). And Kodular staff doesn’t answer the questions about it here in the community either.
I can’t imagine why but if in 9 months your request wasn’t analyzed I can only think that there is a bug in the system and your request goes ever to the end of the line or they really are not accepting or rejecting requests.

if user deletes the project which is under approval then it will never get disapproved nor the user can apply for new approval…every time situations are not same…

Sometimes it’s working when you copy the Project and request it again. But make sure your App is not against any rules.