App is in review for too long

Hello Kodular Community,

My application is in review for almost 2 weeks same thing has happen to my previous app also but luckily it get a approved after 2 month of submission… I can’t wait that much again… i read some post in community about this issue and in one post kodular team has said reach us out if it get delay too much…so therefore i am posting this


If you read the status message you will see you need to wait 2 more days.

where it has written 2 more days? Status message increasing day by day

It says, “Wait 1 week, 5 days ago”.

Tomorrow it will say “Wait 1 week, 6 days ago”.

So, You are saying it will be approved after 2 week time.

I’m sorry for assuming you understand English and that you can do Maths. I’ll try and make the explanation simpler.

When it said, “Wait 1 week, 5 days ago”, that meant that 5 days ago you had to wait one more week. There are 7 days in 1 week. Therefore, 5 days ago you had to wait 7 days, which in turn means that the day you saw that message you had 2 days left.

At some point today, depending on your time zone, it should say, “Wait 1 week, 6 days ago”.

You should be able to apply for monetisation tomorrow or the day after depending on your time zone, and the time zone Kodular uses.

If there is still a problem 3 days from today then Kodular staff will have to remedy it.

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Hii deanart2012 I am not sure you have read my description above screenshot or read my tittle…I will try to explain with my improper english plzz pardon me… My tittle is “App is in review for too long” ( it means i have already apply for monetization or i have submited my app for review) hope you understand i can’t be more clear with my improper english…if u have any secondary language plzz comment hope it matches with me…Please read my description and also i have submited this app and it showing wait 1 week,5 days instead of in review or submited…It almost has been 2 week that mean 14 days pardon me if i am wrong i am very bad at maths also i am assuming you are a genius… Thankyou…

What does it say now?