Not suitable for monetization

Not suitable for monetization :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
My first application did not get approval for monetization, without mentioning the reasons
I think it is necessary to state the reason for the rejection,
My app is a News app, can anyone tell me the reasons so that I can fix the problem?

Is it sure that all news content belongs to you? It may be reason to reject it.

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I used rss feed news url,
News sites provide rss service and anyone can benefit from it, taking into account the reference to the source of the news, and this is a well-known protocol
for example, CNN NEWS rss

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I dont understand what Kodular needs aprove apps for monetization, it would not be responsibility of ads networks and app stores?

Because too many people make earning apps and these are not allowed on the Google Play Store.

Google hold Kodular as well the app developers responsible for these types of apps. So when Google bans an earning app, there is also a strike against Kodular. If there are enough strikes against Kodular then Google may prevent apps created using Kodular being uploaded to the Play Store.

I think something like this has happened before and ever since Kodular has to be very careful.

People are more interested in trying to get rich quick instead of making apps that users want. This leads to a bad user experience and a knock back from Google.


Wow, very good explanation, now I understand why the authorization by Kodular, thanks for the clarifications.