Deleting kodular account

It was good journey till today with kodular and kodular community. But today is the day when I should leave it.
Please tell me how I can delete my account.
I have sent sent email to [email protected]
but my account is not deleted. Please make an automatic way for it.

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Go to, at the bottom of the page…

When you go there a message asks you to email Kodular with your request. However, it is irrelevant in any case.

As far as I am aware “ You can not delete accounts that have made replies or topics.”

I was told this by a Mod.

here is a issue

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That is a theory.

You are spreading rumors…

Probably not the right way to improve relationships with people…

Just looking to improve my relationships with people :slight_smile:


It’s the truth… And I must tell the truth if I want better relationships :slight_smile:


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