Deletion and text length issue when typing from right to TextBox

I created a text box with support from the following two topics. Both of them work very well individually. However, I cannot use them together in a text box. Also, when typing from right to left, the delete key cannot be used on the keyboard. How can I solve these two problems?

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What do you mean by cannot use them together? You should use one of them.

Are you talking RTL languages?


I use a text box for the result of a math operation like above. I want the cursor to go left after each number typed. (I did this.) I want a maximum of five digits in the text box. (I did this.) When I did these separately, they worked, but I couldn’t use both blocks in one text box.

My blocks:

blocks (1)

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Don’t set cursor at end in this case. And the segment starr should be
length of text - 5