Denied permissions in advance After updating the version to (Kodular Fenix 1.5.5)

Declare Storage Permissions in the Manifest - #15 by bodymindpower

Read this

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Ok, I have added the DeclareReadWrite.aix extension to the application and the problem is still there
Can you share how the block works for this extension?

If so (as I mentioned several times), build the APK, decompile it and edit the Manifest by declaring this line in the Manifest, recompile and try again.

Which means that now WRITE is incorrectly also declared on Android 11+ (but it can never be granted there, as it works the same way as READ on Android 11+).

This is of course (as also mentioned several times) a bug!

But it should solve your problem until this serious bug is (hopefully soon) fixed.

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Please read my answer carefully, then you wouldn’t be asking this question.

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Well I will try this

:slightly_smiling_face: I can try it now


Thanks Now cleared.

Yes, thanks, it worked
you are the greatest
But another question for (onesignal)
Is there a solution other than using this site?

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Well I found the solution for this too here

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My apk manifest already have this permission code but still problem is same

Post the APK and the manifest.

Try this one:

Hey please tell how you do this beacuse i have to do testing regulary

As Anke (bodymindpower) has already explained several times, WRITE permission must also (incorrectly) be declared in the manifest on Android 11+. Of course this is a bug that needs to be fixed. Btw, the same problem is with AI2.

Search the AI2 forum and you will find dozens of topics, posts, guides by Anke on this issue.

But i think kodular fixed that issue, right ?
See when i open the manifest it shows permission like this -

So, now do you think we still need to make any changes or use any extension to declare permission in manifest ? @Johannes_Ai2 @bodymindpower