[Deprecated] Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

Okay thanks @Anu10

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I have already check everything…but still the app is crashing

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If you wish post a demo aia here or in pm to check; which reproduces this issue.

ok I am sharing u the aia in pm…

We have had many problems in kodular for many months. All of them related to sdk30, before because they did not update and now, once updated ,. because there are many errors. Does anyone know if these errors also occur in thunkable or in app inventor ?

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My app is also crashing tried deleting all the extensions as well…

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Did you read post 1 ? and checked those component’s properties

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Yes I have checked that too

I am sure that you have some fields empty. Check again About Screen Title

Only one screen is openig but the other screens of the app are not opening…please can any one help me

It would be nice and helpful if the Kodular team could give a hint or an announcement in the meantime by when these problems will be resolved.


I have an app published on Google play store without any error. Now, I want to release an update of it and created an update aab file which not showing any type of error.
Should I publish it on Store or wait for some time…??
Plzz help

generally before publishing a new version it would be wise to test the apk on your test device…
did you upload the project previously as apk or aab? if you uploaded an apk file you can continue uploading apk files…
also it would be wise to upload your new version into Google Play beta or alpha to test again on several devices before releasing in production



How do you want to know that exactly / for sure?
You cannot test an AAB (only APKs).

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I completed all the empty fields.
Unfortunately, the application does not start.

Does anyone on the kodular team know when this will be fixed?

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Did you checked logs ?

If not check logs to know why crashing

Logcat. I ran it several times.
You can see there are bugs, but I don’t know where to find them in the kodular anyway.

adb.txt (16.9 KB)

But in companion everything works fine

I am sure that you have some fields empty since I see error unbound location null

10-01 22:23:23.530  8768  8768 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.radio.pl/io.kodular.sp4ubw.Radio_Polska.Screen1}: /tmp/1633113323535_0.7147894262474823-0/youngandroidproject/../src/io/kodular/sp4ubw/Radio_Polska/Screen1.yail:9273:57: unbound location null

I went through all the components one by one and the application works.

Thanks for the hint.

I also had to update one of the extensions. Exactly:

Everything works fine now.

This was just wishful thinking

Since the new update 1.5.3 there is no issue any more, at least at my side.

Kodular Fenix 🔥🐦 - #5

Can others test this theory as well.