Design one time login system with firebase authentication

This is a detailed video tutorial of design a login system with firebase authentication.
This is my first tutorial video :blush:
it’s features :

  • One time login system
  • Simple UI
  • Sign in with Google
  • Login and Signup on one screen
  • Password visibility switch option
  • Forget password option

Tutorial steps:
In Part 1 video

  1. Check user login state with .Is_Signed_with on screen1
  2. If user is not signed then open login screen
  3. Take mail id and password and login with .Email Password Login or direct login with .Google Sign In
  4. For forget password use .Send Reset Password Email

To take tutorial click here Tutorial Video

In Part 2 video

Coming soon …


Sorry to say but I don’t understand how you are calling this design as attractive. Rather, from screenshots(or video). I would say that the color used, is causing eye-strain.
You need to change the color and overall theme of the tutorial

thanks for suggestion i will change it

Need to improve. This color is extremely strong. The access denied message, it’s almost invisible. Research UI creation.


thanks for suggestion but coder can change the color of UI or whole UI according to him and I simply show the blocks of login system means only focused on codes.

My comment was on this topic.


ok :+1: :grinning:
i try to improve my UI in next tutorial :blush: