Designer front end color change errors

So for the last few days started about 2:00 PST. I started receiving errors when I was changing colors on the design tab. I have duplicated this in Firefox, Chrome as well as edge. Both home PCs and work PCs. Can anybody duplicate this issue on their end?

I receive an internal error message.

Please and thank you :grin:

Is this what you want?

You can do it for yourself, or you can message me and I’ll help you to do it.

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Thank you! You have been very, very helpful. I believe I can take care of this. I seem to have done quite a bit of damage when I accidentally tried to upload that .aia.

Other than the project within the project which you kindly helped me with and that’s above error that I have to fix.

Any recommendations on some other things I should fix.

I’m a thousand blocks into my program but I’m half tempted to start over again to alleviate any future issues.

Your thoughts?

No, you did nothing wrong. It’s Kodular’s server that has these internal issues. They should fix it ASAP, though it’s taking them a long time (years) …

Okay I thought it was my issue because I have to keep doing it over and over again.

I guess that stacks up with their camera error

My next project is is that my images save. Within the assets and I want them to be able to store to the DCIM. I’m not sure what I have to do to make it universal pre Android 11 but that’s my next project.

I’ve got a few apps out on the Play store but this is my first time dealing with local storage other than database