Detect that the fingerprint has been changed

Hi everyone, I’m experimenting with fingerprint component just now. I’ve seen that some of those apps can use fingerprint to use as a login or unlocking method, but importantly some of those apps can also detect that a new fingerprint has been added or deleted, so that the app can disable fingerprint login/unlock function until the user has enabled it again. I wanted to enable that feature in my app as well, but I do not know how I can to do that. Can anybody teach me how to do it, or is there any extension that can enable this feature? Thanks a lot!

I believe fingerprint only performs the fingerprint verification if already registered in the phone and authenticate user. I do not believe you can achieve what you want with Kodular

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I’m sorry, but I meant that other apps (maybe they are not created by kodular) can achieve that function, so I just wanted to ask is this possible in kodular?

After a quick search, it seems that it is possible in Android Apps, yet Kodular doesn’t implement this function. Only an extension can solve this.

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