Detecting a Notch

You know, you don’t always have to follow Apple. Removing the headphone jack is silly. Removing the fingerprint scanner is silly. Making display cutouts (aka notches) is silly. Essential Phone did it first, with a tiny notch. Apple came and increased it way more. As soon as that happened, OEMs start copying the notch, while retaining the bottom chin! I personally prefer the approx bezel dimensions of 1mm on the sides and 1cm on the top and bottom. I do not need a screen bigger than 5.5" on my phone. I do not want a bigger phone or a taller screen, or a screen with curved corners. People who buy notched phones just because it’s the new trend, deserve to be handed an ANR.

So people follow a trend?! If they like the notch, then let them. We make app work on devices without a notch, so why should we not make them work on a device with a notch? Anyway I am closing this topic, because this is more you guys hating people with notches then talking about ways to improve apps for notches