Detecting a Notch

Today, I was thinking of something that’d be great for Makeroid users, old & new. Ever since the IPhone X or 10, basically every new Android phone has made the stupidest decision to follow them. Some apps don’t have the Statusbar or Titlebar enabled so it causes issues for that user with the Notch to view a small slither of content. I was wondering if they have a property in the Android Kernel to be able to detect whether there is a Notch or not to provide a block that allows this to be viewed and detected by the app to enable the Statusbar or Titlebar to better view. Is it possible?

Android Pie has an API to work with notch but I don’t know if it’s backported to older versions. We’ll find it out anytime soon (not very soon).


I’d like to detect a Notch just so I could show “STUPID BUYING DECISION, MATE” instead of the actual app content to those with notched phones.


That’s Android Pie, which isnt out yet.

@Kanishka_Developer, It was quite a stupid thing they did for the Android Phones, making it very obvious that we copy some of the things from Apple. Luckily Samsung (My Phone Manufacturer) has not added this to their phones, to take into the steps of others.

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this is the gods blessing on app developer. That Notch Designer Designed Notch for Status Bar Only.

Think, if Designer Made Notch Like This…
This will be the big problem for all app developer. :grinning:


Very wrong on that one.

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Kinda and kinda not.

It’s out already, and has been out for days.

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Isn’t it possible to get Device Info with the App ?
Get the Device Model,

If get Phone Model = ASUS Zenfone 5, Xiaomi 8, LG G7, Huawei P20, Huawei Honor 10, etc …

  • Lol jk, That isn’t really a good way to detect notch, it is not easy for you to list out all Phone Model that got a notch Lol
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It’s useful but at the same time, useless? Maybe this will help complete your journey: Here's a list of Android phones with iPhone X-like notch
Now, when they have a notch, make sure the apps crash, them when they say your app crashes on Google Play, reply with… Its your notch :joy:, we dont support phones with notches.



But each phone have different model with different Country, Volume and SIM Slot

What if they said “i already cut the notch using a cutter or notch remove app” Lol ?

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Check out my Notch Detector, the list is not updated yet Lol

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Why are you making such a problem of notches?! If you dont like them that doesnt mean other people dont like them too. I am not a fan of them, but they are in phones now. So you should make a workaround for your app to support them.

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Enable the Statusbar would be good.

Would you like to enable the status bar when you are playing something like Fortnite or PUBG ? Lol

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I don’t think you are creating apps like pubg or Fortnite in makeroid so what’s the problem

Everybody wants big screen phone then they make them big and need a little bit of space to put the frontcam there and the sensors and the people start crying

In 2 years everybody walks around with a notch phone and it is normal like USB c and no headphone jack at start everybody crying but this is the evolution of the smartphone

And I personally hate games where is no status bar because they always detecting a swipe or a click but I just want to get out my status bar