Detecting User Clicks

Q1. How To Detect Long Press On Any Component.

Q2. How Can i Know That For How Much Time ( * not how many times ) A User Pressed Any Component.

What i Want To Do -
Detect For How Much Seconds User Long Pressed On A Component.

It depends on the component if there is an event for long click, let’s say a button which has a long click event and you can use a clock component or any countdown extension to count for the time it was pressed and when touch up event, stop countdown

That’s Why i Asked How For Any ( Any ) Component.

As I mentioned it depends on is there long click method or not

In Kodular, you will ‘Long Click’ block for every clickable component. :grinning:

When user long click on any component start a timer and stop it when button released.

That’s what I said

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