DEV: Remake of Kodular Discourse Theme

Hello :wave:
It’s been a long time since we as a community discussed about, well, our community :slight_smile:

I spent a long time doing a lot of experiments, gaining more knowledge and I’m ready to discuss this with you: I think it’s time to refresh (yes, again) the look of the community! :paintbrush:

Something more like you

With the new Material Design 3, which we refer to as Material You, I would like to apply the same concept to the new theme in a certain way, both in site design and user preferences :eyes:

This is a small concept created by me previously in :discourse: Discourse Theme Creator, however with the arrival of new features in Discourse it is possible that the final result will be totally different :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You, as a member of this community, what would you like to see in the re-creation of this theme? :wink:

I will be attentive to all suggestions and comments! :feather:

#HappyKoding! :kodular:


Alex, you’re a wonderful stylist, but does the concept follow specifications for each element?

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Well, I think sometimes breaking the rules is more fun :wink:

The idea is to bring a similar style, but there is no reason to strictly follow the specifications


Would you like the new theme to personalize the new Sidebar?

It’s been a few days since I last commented here on this topic and since I’ve been working on the theme redesign

Today, Discourse has publicly announced the new redesigned sidebar and user menu (and they’re available for testing in Meta)

Once Kodular Community is updated to the latest version, it may be turned on by default

What do you think of this change? :thinking:

Flarum had this for a while, nothing new.