Develoopers ⚡ [The new snippet platform]

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Develoopers :zap: LEARN. CREATE. USE. SHARE

Describe your app:

In Develoopers, you can post and view snippets from our community :card_file_box:. We also added multiple share features such as email, native sharing and copying. Optionally you can also “listen :loudspeaker:” to a code snippet. If a snippet seems fishy, you can report it :stop_sign:, or use our support system 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏿.

Currently we’ve included 20+ programing languages to it :tada:! And we’re planning on adding more soon. Also you can expect more display languages (french, german, dutch) to come to the app in the next months/years :spiral_calendar:.

You can also save code snippets for when you’re offline :calling:. The app will automatically switch to “offline-mode” when your internet is gone. When using the offline mode you can’t report the snippets anymore, as we can’t verify the authenticity of it.

Other app features are also:

  • Maintenance mode (loaded from Database)
  • Account management (since there will also be an webapp)
  • Statistics view (just to view the statistics on our database)
  • Optional update notifications
  • Inbuilt update system (warning on new update)
  • Light and dark mode (soon also system synced)
  • (new) QR-code system

Extentions used are:

  • TextToMp3File by oseamiya
  • MaryDialogs by sumit
  • OnesignalPush (paid) by sumit
  • RandomGenerator by sumit
  • Alphadialog by zainulhassan
  • CustomListView by sumit
  • Bottombar by nikzdevz
  • Baserow by sumit
  • Baserow by oseamiya
  • LabelDecor by yash
  • ScanView by Silver SY
  • DownloadToASD by bodymindpower


App Store/Download link:

Play store:

Github repo:

AIA file (Optional)

Sorry, but I won’t provide an AIA file…


The QR-code system is here :tada:!

I’ve added a new QR-code system, which let’s you generate and scan QR-codes to open specific snippets. Here’s a preview of the QR-code scanner: