Develop a Track Map App

Hi guys,

I would like to develop an app with a map that the user will have 25 tracks to select in the map. In order to do that, I’ve been searching how to do that possible. I’ve found an extension called Polyline Tool, however I’ve seen in a post, here in the forum, some necessary components (block codes) are missing in Kodular. The post was made by 2 years or last year, so I would like to know if it is now possible to do a track map app and how could I do that (with a print of code blocks or if you’ve got any .aia file…)

Thank you for paid attention

I know @mika is working on this but it is not yet working as it should. I guess you have to be patient for the moment.

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So I can’t do an app like that by now? Is there any second way to do that? Maybe with another code, u know…

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You can use the open street map component instead of the Google Map component and it should work i guess. Never test that before.

Could you show me an image of how to make it with blocks? I am a noob, I can’t see how…
I’m sorry for the incovenience