Developer badges

Hi Koders! :wave:

While searching the forums, I got an idea: Don’t you think that a badge for developers whose apps gone viral? Just like the ‘Recognized Developer’ title/badge on XDA
It would be also cool I think, if it was not only one badge, it would have “levels”.

It would be just like that if x developer’s y app reaches z downloads, the level 1 badge is granted, and it’s just the same for the another “levels”, just with bigger numbers for y/ y and z
On the above example, replace “x” “y” and “z” with random numbers.

Would it be cool, would you like it? Discuss it under this post or vote for it if you like the idea.

Thank you for your attention,

Yeah, similar to XDA forum ! :heart_eyes:

I’m interested in how the numbers would be monitored.


Yes it’s a awesome I will be vote for this :heart:

I think from Kodular store , the number of downloads

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And for those who only posted on Google Play Store ?


Well… Post it on Kodular store…
Or… well, I don’t know, it all is just a suggestion. If it will be approved, they will find a way how to count them


I didn’t mean to be rude, sorry.
I mean, you’re right, it will be easier for them if it’s counted directly from the Makeroid Store.

Monitoring only from the Kodular Store wouldn’t be enough. The concept itself is cool.

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Nobody said that you were rude lol