Developers & Designers & Translators Wanted

(Arda Çebi) #1

I’m searching for developers, designers, and translators to help me with a Makeroid-built app.

The app is called Splash and it’s a drawing app. It is expanding to a huge level with some features ready to be implemented that will make Splash the biggest app made with Makeroid. I re-started improving the app as Makeroid is available. The project was in a halt status after the shut-down.

If you accept helping me voluntarily with the project, please reply here, or PM me for details.

If multiple members accept helping me with the project, we will become a team working on separate things.


(Kanishka Chakraborty) #3

*cough* How? *cough*

(Arda Çebi) #4

You will see when it launches.

It seem impossible to me, but it may be.

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #5

Also, just pointing out, Makeroid apps are currently extremely slow. SketchPad and WhatsPaint are pending launch, just because of performance issues.

(Arda Çebi) #6

I’m aware of that.
But I will keep on improving it until they fix the issue.

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #7

Same. Anyway, any clues as to what will make Splash the biggest app on Makeroid? :smile:

(Arda Çebi) #8

You will see in the future. The launch is very near.

If you want to see sooner, check your PM.

(Rémi Chartier) #9

-> A translator appears

(Arda Çebi) #10

(Rémi Chartier) #11

Done, modified some existing french translations,

(Arda Çebi) #12

Thank you so much.

I may change some translations, so can you check the server regularly?

(Rémi Chartier) #13

Okay, if it’s possible ping me when there’s an update available

(Hybro Team) #14

Maybe Makeroid can try to make the build server build only used components instead of all components, I think this can reduces storage and fix performance issue