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Device Tools

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This App provide all information of your device like Android,API,Battery

Full Features
⁕Android Information
-Android version
-Android API Level
-Model Name
-Many more

-Battery Level

-Proximity Sensor
-Air Pressure
-Orientation Sensor

-Internal Storage Total
-Internal Storage Usage
-Internal storage Remaining
-External Storage Total
-External Storage Used
-External Storage Remaining
-Memory/RAM Total
-Memory Used
-Memory Free

#Offline Works


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PM (educational purposes only)

Extensions used
Taifun battery - App Inventor Extensions: Battery Manager | Pura Vida Apps
Kio4 Gradient - Create Build Crear App Inventor Extensiones Extensions. Gradiente de colores. Gradient colors.

Thanks to extension developers and kodular


Please add links of the extensions used to make this project.

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Ok I will do

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