DeviceTools Get.IMEI and Get.Serial work only on initial startup of the application

Dear fellow Kodulars,

I am facing an issue, where the Get.IMEI and Get.Serial blocks work only once - and that is when I install the application and launch it for the first time. After that, it never returns the values of IMEI and Serial.

Specifically, I am using these blocks:

So, basically, if I close the application and start it again, it will only leave IMEI: and Serial: with empty values.

I am using default DeviceTools component for this.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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I’m guessing here… why do you need to get IMEI every time your app is accessed? I just ask you this, because IMEI does not change, until the device is reformatted…


I hope that I fixed the bug for next release.


Hi @Kleyber_Derick and @Mika,

@Kleyber_Derick - Your idea is good and true, but it also seems like it can not save the values that it got and then call them (using TinyDB). (My syntax is good, I’ve been using the same logic in multiple apps.)

@Mika - Great to hear that! When can we expect the next release approximately?

Thank you both for your support!


You are replacing the text. Try deleting these blocks:

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Hi @Point,

I tired to re-arrange the list and tried to make the call Device_Tools1.Get Serial and Get Imei at the entire end of when Screen1.Initialize, but it did not help.

Nonetheless, thank you for your input.

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