DevYBImageLoader extension: How to use the LoadImage method?

I am unable to use this part in my app please someone help me to use this part
i am using this part in list imageloader

Which part???

call devybimageloader
how to use “for component” ??

Any component blocks is only usable if you have multiple of it

yes i have multiples items i want to access them from data base

I meant this


no i have not like this but you tell me how i use for component in call devybimagerloader

Well, it depends what you have, static or dynamic components

Show us some blocks on what you are trying to achieve

for component what should i add here?

As I said that block is only for this

Here you have two examples on how you can do with

Dont select a list of image compenent(s) give only a image dynamic component. It will work