Dicta Novela : updated, rebuilt and improved Appybuilder app with Kodular

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Dicta Novela

Describe your app:

Write your own books with this app, use your voice with the speech recognition to make all chapters.
Languages : spanish, english, german, french, potugues and russian.
Manage all the book’s characters.
Export each book or chapter to clippboard or to a txt file.


App Store/Download link:


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People who ask for aia of apps that have been published to the Play Store (and are also being monetised) should be suspended.


You should not ask for aia always bcoz behind that the developer have being working hard on his project and gave it lots of time and publish it.
You should try to do something and if there is any problem you may ask here in community.


Good idea for an app. One thing you may want to try adding is capitalizing the first letter after the speech is recognized and after every period.


yes @Italo that’s a good idea.Thank you by your suggestion, I’ll do it.

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