Dictionary Get Value For Key Problem

This is the first time I encountered such a problem. Where did I go wrong?

dictionary_problem.aia (10.0 KB)

Remove the Buble sort extension block, and try. Because extensions output mostly won’t be a list. That’s the problem

Even you no need to reverse it too. Just add the list variable alone and try.

For each items to the list -get keys -get global users

Alone use

yes it is solved but I can read the elements in the loop. It’s just a dictionary problem. I don `t get it.

You are using twice the same key

Not a dictionary problem, i repeat this is extension output problem . Most of the extensions out out won’t be a list, instead it will be an array or element or string. That’s the thing

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I know. i was just experimenting for user ranking (leaderboard)

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i fixed,
the extension returns List (Double)
i converted items to integer with “format as decimal number (places 0)”

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It works this way


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