Dictionary & spinner

according to my knowledge that block was returned list

but that was returning text.what can I do now

@Rogerio_Rios can you say something about that

no one here who can help me?

One koder will come with suitable reply soon but, I request you be patient

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I solved this.but I expected to someone answered what is the problem. but no one here

Not everyone has good knowledge. Am a good app creator with android studio. I just discovered Kodular and still studying how each component works. So, I’ll be able to reply to questions and others :smiley::smiley:

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Friend @msr79526 , we are not always free for the Kodular community.
I have other tasks in my family :

Taking car to mechanic
Go supermarkets
Go to the document registry
Call health plan administrator
Complain to the internet operator
Fix daughter’s bike …
Do my daily physical sports …
Write a technical opinion (I will receive $ p paid)

I’m glad you managed to solve it. :clap:
Can I mark the answer as a solution?


yes, that was solved. but I expect professional support from this community

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We expect users to be more patient. Like @Rogerio_Rios said we have more to do then just Kodular. We are not paid employees.


That’s sad. I thought you guys were paid moderators unlike discord moderators. So much dedication even then.
Respect ++ :heart:

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